Preston Douglas is a luxury clothing and lifestyle brand based in Houston, Texas that draws inspiration from street wear and high-end fashion while aiming to blur the lines between the two markets. Preston comes from the meaning "priest-like" and Douglas comes from the meaning "of a dark stream". The combination of these two words encapsulates my creative process through taking my darkness and turning it into light. 

I started my fashion career as a photographer & stylist in 2012, working with local and international musicians. I realized throughout the process that there is a lack of creativity and passion in the luxury clothing industry. I have made it my personal mission to fill this void by sharing my experience and telling stories through unconventional garments and innovative design. 

My first two collections were born out of my own two-year fight to take back my life from the grip of debilitating addiction. I didn’t do it alone. My father, who is my best friend, mentor, and supporter, was with me the whole way. But on September 3rd, 2016, on the second anniversary of my sobriety, my father was rushed to the emergency room due to his ongoing battle with prostate cancer. I could feel fear’s grip grow tighter around my chest as the strongest man I know fell powerless. Now it was my turn to be strong for my father, to fight back against the fear. Fear would not win. 

My third collection: In The Face of Fear, is inspired by my father's fight and the courage we must call on to walk through fear, to fight back against it. The heavy graphic prints on many of the pieces from this collection are representative of the feeling I get in my chest when fear takes hold. The stacked squares represent the layers of raw emotion surrounding the fear, and their transition from black to white signifies one’s determination to face the fear rather than drown in blue melancholy. The use of bondage accessories throughout the collection visually explores the notion that fear is a form of self-bondage that can be overcome. The design aesthetic of this collection is inspired by silhouettes of 90's European rave culture while exploring the similarities from that period with traditional southern prep wear. 

My second collection: Falling, was designed due to my experience in the Spring of 2016. The collection details the story of falling in and out of love with another person, while at the same time falling in and out of love with one's own self. People usually associate pink with external love while it's opposite, a pale yellow, represents internal love in this collection. The combination of rigid fabrics, such as pleather and leather, paired with lightweight Japanese rayon and ring spun cotton, create a juxtaposition within the clothes that the story is representative of. I presented my second collection at the second Fashion HTX fashion show. 

My first collection: Calamity | Serenity, is an expression of self-discovery, the polarity of our human condition, and the journey from despair to peace. The collection released to the public in February 2016 and can be seen in the closets of artists such as Travis Scott, Bun B, and many more, as well as high ranking fashion executives from Nike to Adidas. I debuted this menswear collection in January 2016 at Silver Street Studios in Houston with an inaugural runway show. 


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